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The scrubber is designed to trap acid vapors in the air flow from fume hoods in laboratories.


How the scrubber works

The principle of operation of the scrubber is based on the absorption of acid vapors by a solution of sodium carbonate (technical soda). Air containing acid vapors enters the bottom of the scrubber and passes through an array of sprayed ceramic acid-resistant rings. As a result of mass transfer in the film formed on the surface of the rings, the acid passes into the aqueous phase, where it is neutralized with soda. The cleaned air passes through the spray trap and is removed by the ventilator of the laboratory exhaust ventilation system. For irrigation of the nozzles, pipes with holes, "sprinklers" are used, through which the absorbing solution is constantly supplied with the help of a centrifugal pump. The acidity of the absorbed solution is controlled by a pH meter. The absorbing solution is poured into the scrubber tank, the liquid level in which is maintained by the flow of water from the mains.

The spent absorbing solution contains acid salts (nitrates, chlorides, sulfates, hypochlorites, etc.) and an excess of soda, therefore it does not pose a danger to sewage systems (alkaline environment). The frequency of replacing the solution in the scrubber tank (or adding soda to it) is determined by the amount of evaporated acids in the laboratory.

Scrubber Specifications

Purified air flow 1500-1800 cbm / hour
Maximum acid evaporated in 8 hours at 94-96% recovery 6 l
Optimal number of fume cupboards connected to the scrubber: 1200 mm wide 3
1500 mm wide 2
1800 mm wide 2
Pressure developed by the fan at an air flow rate of 1500 cubic meters / hour not less than 1300 Pa
Fan motor power not less than 1.5 kW
Scrubber nozzle: acid-resistant ceramic rings 15x15x3 and 25x25x3 Nozzle weight 490 kg
Height 1200 mm
Diameter 780 mm
Capacity of epoxy vinyl ester absorbent solution tank 150 l
Centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling for irrigation of the nozzle: Pump material polypropylene
Pump capacity 4.5 cubic meters / hour
Pump motor power 120W
Scrubber power supply 220V, 50Hz, 150W
Dimensions: Width / width with spigots 970/1300 mm
Height 2400 mm
Depth 1130 mm
Diameter of air ducts for connection to ventilation 315 mm
Diameter of the connection to the water supply & frac12; inch
Pipe diameter for connection to the sewer 40 mm
Weight of equipped scrubber 700 kg
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