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The supply of ventilation systems is a program of the MetalDesign plant, which complements our wide range of fume hoods and laboratory furniture of the EUROMAX, EUROMINI, INOVA series.

The technical solutions we offer - special fans, air ducts and scrubbers - are the subject of our many years of research and analysis of the existing needs of chemical laboratories. The products collected in this section represent a comprehensive solution to the most urgent tasks of operating ventilation systems in laboratories - corrosion, environmental protection, personnel safety.

The main problems that arise during the installation of corrosion-resistant ventilation of chemical laboratories from any metal air ducts are:

  • High cost of duct materials when using stainless steels or titanium alloys;
  • High labor intensity of manufacture, and, consequently, the cost of metal air ducts;
  • Noisiness and, as a result, the need for additional costs for mufflers;
  • Increased corrosion in the area of ​​welded joints;
  • Increase in pressure losses in the system due to butt elements, transitions, flange connections and often off-design duct geometry;
  • Increased likelihood of dust, chemical compounds and condensation accumulation in the system.

Plastic air ducts and fittings offered by MetalDesign have the following advantages:

  • Wide range of air duct diameters: from 110 to 355 mm and from 400 to 1500 mm;
    Acid resistance is ensured by the use of plastics as material: polyethylene, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride;
    The proposed set of fittings allows you to build diagrams of ventilation systems of any complexity;
    The low weight of the structural elements does not require the installation of complex suspension systems and does not impose special requirements on the supporting structures;
    When installing the ventilation system, all joints are glued together without gaps, while there are no sealing inserts;
    Plastic air ducts are not electrically conductive and do not require an earthing system.


Plastic centrifugal fans are used for conveying aggressive media such as vapors containing acids or solvents.

The body and impellers are rotationally injection molded. As standard, flame retardant polypropylene (PPs), gray, is used for this. All models have a sturdy sheet steel or polypropylene mounting frame to support the motor and facilitate installation.

Standard three-phase motors are used that comply with IEC requirements. Construction type ВЗ, degree of protection IP 55, class of electrical insulation F.


  • Absolute corrosion resistance of the body;
  • Gas tightness required for technological processes;
  • High efficiency due to the use of high-tech impellers;
  • Productivity from 300 to 9000 m3 / hour.
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