Demonstration hall:
Saint Petersburg, Commissar Smirnov street 15, lit. A, OFFICE 419 (Vyborgsky Palace of Culture)
From 10:00 to 16:00, except Saturday and Sunday


EUROMINI Series - a fusion of accessibility, mobility and quality
  • The products have smaller dimensions than other series, which allow them to equip laboratories with a small area and with any ceiling height;
  • Design features made it possible to reduce the cost of this series. It is focused on small budgets despite the fact that it is manufactured on the same equipment and using the same technologies as more expensive series;
  • Products comply with GOST 16371-93, GOST 19917-93, GOST R 51121-97.

The EUROMINI series can be supplemented with products from other series or can be a part of  them.

Load up to 120 kg

The robust construction of a steel tube with a cross section of 30x30 mm withstands a significant evenly distributed load.