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Saint Petersburg, Commissar Smirnov street 15, lit. A, OFFICE 419 (Vyborgsky Palace of Culture)
From 10:00 to 16:00, except Saturday and Sunday


Company development stages

2001 Creation of the company "MetallDesign" LLC

2002 Development of EUROMAX and EUROMINI series furniture. The first metal fume hoods. School program CLASSLAB.

2003 Serial production of laboratory furniture of the EUROMAX and EUROMINI series. Development of manufacturing technology for fiberglass fume hoods. Serial production of metal fume hoods.

2004 Unification of the fume hoods design. ISO certification. Obtaining patents for basic developments. Start of production of PMD heating platforms. Development of fiberglass fume hoods with PMD. Expansion of the assortment of fume cupboards.

2005 The assortment of products is formed and allows to equip laboratories of almost all types: oil and gas, metallurgical, educational, general purpose and etc. The beginning of the development of laboratory furniture for laboratories of higher educational institutions - the INOVA series.

2006 Start of serial production of airflow monitors for fume hoods. Serial production of furniture of the INOVA series. Introduction of plastics recycling technologies into production: injection molding, composite molding, vacuum forming.

2007 Formation of the direction "Ventilation of laboratories". Commencement of works on the calculation, delivery and installation of ventilation equipment in laboratories of various types. Plastic air conduit. Ventilation units for work in extremely aggressive environments.

2008 Start of production of scrubbers. The final formation of the system: "Acid-proof fume hood - acid-proof air conduit - scrubber for capturing acid vapors - acid-proof ventilation unit".

2009 Implementation of the program "Laboratory without harmful emissions". Formation of the direction "Non-standard laboratory furniture".

2010 Creation of electronic systems for measuring and controlling the airflow of fume hoods, systems for preventing of the flame spread in case of fire in fume hoods, systems for saving heat and energy in laboratories.

2011-2012 Continuation of work on the creation of specialized fume hoods for work with large amounts of heated vapors of concentrated acids.

2013 -2014 Development of fume hoods for laboratories of the radiochemical cycle.

2015 -2016 Start of serial production of non-standard laboratory furniture of various series.

2017 - 2018 Confirmation of ISO certification. A department for design 3D modeling was formed, as well as the introduction of modern 3D visualization programs.

2019-2020 Modernization of the design of fume hoods and school furniture KLASSLAB. Expansion of the territory, new sales office in the center of Saint Petersburg.